About us/Company
Innotec is the Italian leading company specialized in microfiltration of beverages and wine. Implementation of solutions to our plants is cutting edge in automation and reliability. This is made possible through the highest competence and specialization, which have been achieved through years of hard work in understanding the customers' needs. Innotec automatic plants manage the work cycles in complete autonomy, guarantee and accompany every process, get in contact with other units belonging to the bottling line, avoiding any error that might be committed by operators. All constitutive parts have been optimized with the most well-advanced healthcare parts in order to guarantee the biological stability of the product. The experience of process management gained throughout the years allowed us to realize some particular filtering elements that guarantee the microbiological retention and improve the economy of the process through the possibility of regeneration. Furthermore, Innotec developed technologies to integrate bottling lines. Those product-oriented protective technologies are: oxygen monitoring and abatement; CO2 monitoring and its proportional dosing; thermic exchange systems for the modular supply of calories or for their recovery from reflux fluids; separation of black, grey and white refluxes; washing cycles water recovery; moving diaphragm systems for the separation of different fluids and for the elimination of mix of different fluids; throwaway dynamic water systems or CIP systems for the monitoring of concentration and turbidity of the solutions used.

Innotec: the leader of microfiltration.
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